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Depart Venezuela 2017

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Je me prepare a re-partir pour le Venezuela. Beaucoup de chose se passe dans ce pays. Cette annee les denrees alimentaires sont revenues oubien ont peut les trouver sur le marche noir. Heureusement j’ai des amis qui m’aident. Bon, je pars le 16 janvier 2017 de Montreal Je vais auRead More …

Preparation Passport and Travel papers

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Time to plan the next Venezuela trip in January. Don’t know yet, how long should I will stay, all depends the situation there during the next months. Also have to check the air ticket, very expensive for Venezuela, since many companies do not fly anymore directly there. Have to transit in Miami, orRead More …

My Birthday 2016

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Today is my birthday and I thank you my friends – Javier Salgueiro‎ – facebook – Jean-Francois Fabiano – facebook – Jean Vanasse – facebook – ‎Jose Gassette Ruiz‎ – facebook – Gioconda Islablanca Alfaro- facebook – Harold F. Witting – facebook – Nelson Horacio Ospina – facebook – NinoskaRead More …

New Ferry in june, 2016

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In June 2016 a new ferry From Falcon engines for light maritime connection with Aruba and Curacao The private consortium Naviera Paraguana took the initiative to connect by sea to Venezuela with nerlandensas islands In order to diversify the Venezuelan economy and establish a new model of sustainability that exceedRead More …

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