Depart Venezuela 2017

Je me prepare a re-partir pour le Venezuela.


Love tourist.

Beaucoup de chose se passe dans ce pays.

Cette annee les denrees alimentaires sont revenues oubien ont peut les trouver sur le marche noir.

Heureusement j’ai des amis qui m’aident.

Bon, je pars le 16 janvier 2017 de Montreal

Je vais au Mexique (Air Mexico) deux jours, ensuite depart pour 2 jours a Medellin en Colombie (Air Mexico) ou je vais aller voir le tour Pablo Escobar offert par PaisaRoad.

Ensuite le depart par Avior pour Valencia au Venezuela, ou je prend par la suite le dernier avion (Avior) pour Barlona, Venezuela.

Et de Barcelona, je vais en auto a Puerto Piritu (45 minutes).

Un long voyage avec 4 vols.

Cette annee j’ai l’intention d’aller a Margarita, voir un peu si cela a changer depuis 2 ans.

Un voyage a voir les chutes “San Angel” me plairait aussi.

Les voyages en avions pour le Bresil, Equateur, Colombie, Panama, Aruba ne sont pas cher.

J’ai une amie qui m’a demander d’allez a Panama, j’y suis aller au moins 5 fois, donc pas cette annee.

Enfin l’aventure, je vais voir au fur et a mesure.


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Preparation Passport and Travel papers

Time to plan the next Venezuela trip in January. Don’t know yet, how long should I will stay, all depends the situation there during the next months. Also have to check the air ticket, very expensive for Venezuela, since many companies do not fly anymore directly there. Have to transit in Miami, or Panama, Colombia, or Trinidad, or Curacao (since this year). Anyway today I go for the passport application, (expire in few month). This year I will use the canadian passport to go there, and not the french one.

My Birthday 2016

Today is my birthday and I thank you my friends

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New Ferry in june, 2016


In June 2016 a new ferry
From Falcon engines for light maritime connection with Aruba and Curacao

The private consortium Naviera Paraguana took the initiative to connect by sea to Venezuela with nerlandensas islands

ferry from Falcón to Aruba and Curazao

ferry from Falcón to Aruba and Curazao

In order to diversify the Venezuelan economy and establish a new model of sustainability that exceed the oil profiteering by a powerful traffic economic resources to enable all the productive apparatus of the country, it is anchored in one of the most profitable engines of 15 of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda, the tourism.

In Falcon, entity western Venezuela, with large geographical and natural advantages, they have articulated all the gears to turn this engine and make this the first economic activity that drives this part of the country. Part of the result is already beginning to be visible with the activation of type ship ferry that will allow the transfer of passengers and cargo to the islands of Aruba and Curacao.

The binomial between government, at different levels, and private enterprise, have brought back an ambitious project for both its investment and by the scope that economic and tourism level will hold for the area, especially in Paraguana, falconiana town which it is under construction one of the economic epicenters outlined in the agenda promoted by the National Executive.

Romny Merceoleo, vice president of Naviera Paraguana private consortium that took the initiative to connect by sea to Venezuela with nerlandensas islands, said the May 6 departed from Greece, the first ship with estimating start operations widen the trade and tourism relations with both islands.

“For us it has been a challenge, we have three years working on this project that seeks to reactivate all commercial dynamism that has historically existed between Falcon and these islands,” he said.


The ferry vessel type Paraguana I estimate activate the next June with departures from the port of Guaranao, in the city of Punto Fijo on the Paraguana Peninsula, one of the six ports available to the entity.

Merceoleo explained that more than 600 passengers can be transported on the ferry type vehicle that will travel at 18 knots (32 km per hour) in a journey of about two hours.

At least 160 small vehicles can be mobilized in this system, which will also facilitate logistics operations for transporting cargo with the availability of more than 20 containers for dry or refrigerated products.

The ship, of Greek manufacture, has three platforms, area shuttle tourists and business area.

The employer specified that rates are still debating with which begin operations, but emphasized that contemplate special rates for seniors and children under 2 years.

Operations Josefa Camejo Airport Las Piedras serve as a springboard project, as it will allow the transfer of international tourists to areas such as Canaima or Merida state, in order to expand the recreational route in Venezuela to undertake from the Caribbean islands.


Not only it will motorized tourism, the export engine is listed as one of the Norths of the shipping, facilitating the transfer of goods to the island of Aruba, where they have offices that services be offered packing and moving to areas such as Panama and Europe.

“Not only will we come to enable a maritime transportation system for tourists, businessmen and also for falconianos across the country, for producers interested in placing their goods in other markets,” he said.

He explained that the shipping facilities in Aruba will be arranged for those wishing to export through the port of Guaranao.

Meanwhile, the collective authority of Tourism, José Luis Naranjo, said that the project has been promoted by the National and Regional Executive for meaning has economic contribution to regional and national productivity.

He stressed the efforts undertaken since the Government of the entity to accelerate procedures, permits and allocations necessary before bodies such as the Ministry of Popular Power for Aquatic and Air Transport and other government agencies.


The Paraguana I is not the first ferry boat that sailed from falconianas land to link with these islands.

Since 1973, they began shipping operations from the port of Muaco in La Vela de Coro, through the company Ferries del Caribe, connecting each week to Venezuela to Aruba and Curacao. Besides having a regular schedule, also had charter trips to Bonaire and other nearby destinations.

Also, in 1998, the ship Lusitania Expresso expanded its routes to Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire with three departures from La Vela de Coro. Until 2002, he maintained its operations that were interrupted as a result of the economic situation provoked by the oil strike led by the Venezuelan right in that year.

“It was wonderful and pleasant for all power sea travel with family, carrying his own car to walk around Curacao or Aruba. Likewise the inhabitants of these islands enjoyed much go to Venezuela for pleasure or business with your own transportation, “reports Edmundo Garcia, Venezuelan resident in Curacao, on his blog

The overall project has generated great expectation and excitement among citizens, businesses and government agencies that envision in reviving this ferry the door finish Paraguana position as a new pearl for the Caribbean.

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